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Atilla E. Pavlath
It is time for a change!

To make the ACS a better place,
equally for everyone,
from the youngest student
of chemistry,
to the most respected
Nobel Laureate.

New directions and actions needed:

Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis! (1984)
As the time is changing, we must change with it

Be Favorable to Bold Beginnings
Just because we have not done it before,
it is no reason not to seek new ways

To Boldly Go Where None Has Gone Before
New ideas should come through the
Grassroots of the rank and file members

What are the problems?
Five minutes Before Midnight (1992)
What needs to be done?

United We Stand or a House Divided
The problems of the chemical profession and how to solve them?

Light at the End of the Tunnel
We made progress, but it is still a long way to go.

We Are All in This Together
One person's solution can be another one's problem,
if we do not work together

Supply and Demand:
Supply and Demand (1985)
Why is the Society afraid to face facts?

The Emperor Has No Clothes
Why do our brightest chemistry undergraduates choose medicine?

Two Plus Two Makes Four
The undeniable fact about supply and demand in our profession.

Economic Status of Chemists
It is controlled by supply and demand. What should be done?.

Forgotten Generation
How did the jobs to applicants ratio at our National Employment
Clearing House change from 4:1 to 1:4 in one decade?

For a Chemist Does Life End after 45?
What is the half-life of a doctoral degree?

Chemistry and Professionalism: The Next 75 Years
Chemistry is only fun, if you have a job
(unless you are independently wealthy)

What should be done?
Return to Academe (1985)
Is Industrial Sabbatical an Impossible Dream?

United the Future is Bright
When Academe and Industry work together everyone benefits.

A Golden Handcuff or a Portable Pension?
How to ease the pension problems caused by volatile job situations?

Road to the 21st Century
How to increase the value of ACS membership?

No Taxation Without Representation
Our members expect tangible benefits for their dues

Chemistry 2020, a Myopic Vision?
Chemistry is done by human beings with human needs;
creativity wilts in a downsizing atmosphere.

No One Is an Island
Someone else's problem today, may be your problem tomorrow.

We Can Not Stop Half Way (2000)
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